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Offshore Development

Project budgets are constantly under pressure and key resources need to be focussed on the core activities of the business. Ledcourt Associates will assist you to identify the opportunities for outsourcing non-core activities to low cost development areas without compromising quality

In particular Ledcourt has forged links with Indian suppliers with a wide range of technical expertise. Don't go it alone - call us to discuss how we can help with:

  • Identifying potential outsourcing opportunities.  
  • Sourcing partners. 
  • Agreeing processes with suppliers. 
  • Requirements capture. 
  • Proposal development. 
  • Identifying appropriate teams.
  • Liaising with selected partners.
  • Removing the risk from working with outsourcing partners.

Ledcourt can run a tailored workshop to demonstrate to both managers and engineers how outsourcing can improve their delivery performance without compromising their design control or intellectual property.


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